The success story of three brothers, united by the same name and business

When three brothers have the same goal in life, put in work and effort, and have family support, good ideas turn into successful businesses. It is the example of Sergiu, Eduard and Viorel Țîgulea who own about 30 hectares of vines in the servi

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13 May,2023

01 March,2023

02 February,2023


10 November 2022

Extended deadline: Communication and Information Specialist

11 August 2022

Reabilitarea bazinului de acumulare al apei de la stația de pompare NS-5 și instalarea unui tronson de conductă pentru irigarea terenurilor din aria de deservire a SCI „Criulenii de Sus”

21 July 2022

Reparația clădirilor stațiilor de pompare din cadrul SCI “Caplani”, raionul Ștefan Vodă

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The Sustainable Development Account Moldova (SDA Moldova) is a public entity, the successor of the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova, established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova to ensure the sustainability of the investments made under the Compact Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the United States of America, successfully implemented from 2010 to 2015. SDA Moldova has the role to continue the Compact projects that invested in the transition to high value agriculture and road infrastructure in Moldova in order to contribute to poverty reduction through economic growth, by promoting a model for effective management of infrastructure investments, providing assistance to Water Users’ Associations established by farmers, facilitating the access to funding and expanding the irrigated areas.