Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the senior collegial body of SDA Moldova. Its major tasks are to manage and supervise the operation of SDA Moldova, determine its main activities and approve independent and final decisions on major issues related to project implementation.

The membership of the Steering Committee is approved by the Government. It has 7 voting members - 4 representatives of the Government (State Chancellery, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and Ministry of Environment) and 3 nongovernmental members (from the civil society and the private sector). The chair of the Steering Committee is the Secretary General of the Government.

The Steering Committee fulfills its tasks and duties in compliance with the SDA Moldova’s Bylaws and the legislation in force and contributes to the achievement of the entity’s mission to implement project agreements.

The decisions of the Steering Committee will be transparent and this will be achieved by taking records of the meetings of the Steering Committee.


Surname, Name Position
General Secretary of the Government, chair of the Steering Committee
- Minister of Finance
- Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment
- Minister of Economy and Infrastructure
Emilia MALAIRĂU Executive Director, Employers’ Association “American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova”
Dumitru URSU President, Moldovan Bankers’ League
Alecu RENIȚĂ President, Ecologist Movement of Moldova


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